Partner to Business

The relationship between lawyer and client is based on trust, confidence, candor, and confidentiality. This is especially true in the world of business where the relationship is seldom a “one-off” situation. The client can and should expect more from this special relationship than professional expertise, essential as that is. A good lawyer also delivers sound judgment, creative ideas, risk assessment in practical terms, and forward-looking advice, even if the client has not thought of or asked all the right questions. Above all, a good lawyer is a trusted adviser.

Practice Areas

All commercial transactions and legal matters affecting businesses, including entity formation, contracts, capital raising, securities law, acquisitions and business combinations, finance, technology licensing, corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Trusted legal adviser for all stages of business growth from idea to company formation; founder protection and key person equity participation; commercial agreements of all types; private placements, angel and VC investments; and SEC reporting.  Other services include joint ventures and other business combinations, due diligence, secured and unsecured loans, insurance, corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Large companies can pay the high hourly rates charged by large law firms.  Start-ups and small businesses cannot, yet they need the same quality of work. Fortunately, there are lawyers with years of large law firm experience that do not have to charge high fees because they do not have the burdens of high overhead, junior lawyers whose compensation bears no relation to their contributions to the client, and unproductive (but highly compensated) partners. Roger Wiegley, with 17 years at Wall Street law firms and several years at financial firms, is one of those lawyers. Long-term relationships with clients are far more important than fees for a particular assignment. Call Roger Wiegley and find out what he can do for your business.